Our History

Greenjacket Inc. designs and manufactures dielectric polymer covers to protect power substation and distribution equipment from animal-caused outages, thus increasing system reliability.

Greenjacket was founded in 2001 and developed by power linemen with over 75 years of collective experience in the electricity industry. Greenjacket’s highly qualified multi-disciplinary teams team include experienced power linemen, wildlife experts, polymer chemists, tool-and-die experts, and polymer fabricators.

Greenjacket is committed to providing the electrical power industry with customized turnkey solutions that mitigate animal-caused outages and improve system reliability and profitability. The company’s technical experts work closely with individual customers to develop complete custom solutions. New products are always in development.

For more information on how Greenjacket products can help reduce animal-caused outages and increase service reliability in your power substations or on your distribution lines, contact Greenjacket: