AltaLink Boosts Power Reliability-T&D World

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AltaLink Boosts POwer Reliability
By: Dennis Frehlich, AltaLink
T&D World Sept 2012

Today’s utilities face the challenge of upgrading aging infrastructure and improving power reliability for their utility’s customers…
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Darren Barnett

Darren Barnett

Senior Product Manager Wildlife Mitigation Business Unit
Darren holds a degree in Electrical Engineering Technology from Louisiana Tech University and has over 28 years of experience in the electric power distribution industry. Darren’s career started as a Design Engineer for a major transformer and components manufacturer. From there he advanced to positions of increasing responsibility, including Quality Assurance Manager, Engineering Manager and Vice President of Components Operations. Darren is an active member of IEEE and was on the committee that developed the 1656 -2010 testing guide for wildlife mitigation products.