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Tools in the Toolbox to Minimize Bird-Caused Outages

Birds have no doubt been interacting with power lines and substations since the latter first appeared on the landscape. Indeed, the first record of avian collision mortality from power lines dates back to the late 1800’s, and at least one record of electrocution in North America was made as early as 1922. These incidents occur when a bird simultaneously contacts two energized components of a pole that are each at different electrical potential   (referred to as a phase-to-phase fault or electrocution), or they simultaneously contact one energized component on a structure and one grounded component (referred to as a phase-to-ground fault or electrocution).  These incidents not only cause injury

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Greenjacket Creates Custom Wildlife Mitigation Solution to Save Baby Owls

Although we are just starting out the new year and snow is covering the ground in much of the USA and Canada, tis’ already the season for romance and courtship for great horned owls, the largest owl in North America, and one of the earliest “spring” nesters. These majestic birds aren’t much for construction or renovation, and instead take over old nests of other birds such as crows and red-tailed hawks. To the frustration of many utilities, they sometimes choose old nests in electrical substations as their chosen spot to raise a family; these substations offer protection from the elements, a heat source (important when incubating eggs, sometimes in temperatures

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The Impact of Animal-Caused Outages

The growing reliance on energy and the implications of its interruption in residential homes, commercial and industrial facilities, and government agencies places an increasing burden on utilities to provide a more reliable power supply than ever experienced in the history of the electric system Find out which four Areas that power outages hit the hardest and how it could impact you!

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