Installation Support Services

installationSupportGreenjacket Inc. provides on-site technical support to help facilitate cover-up installation to ensure covers are installed correctly.  Customers have the option of having Greenjacket Inc. coordinate the installation or for their crews to conduct the installation with support from Greenjacket Inc.

All Greenjacket Inc. installation support personnel are qualified utility workers trained in live-line work.

Greenjacket Inc. cover-up is precise fit and quickly slides in to position around the equipment when the covers are being installed.  Customers whom have observed Greenjacket Inc. installing the covers de-energized or whom have conducted their own de-energized installations have advised us that application of Greenjacket is accomplished in a fraction of the time because the covers are made for the precise equipment they are being applied to and typically don’t require field modifications.  Further, taping is eliminated as Greenjacket can be made to fit flat bar and beams where taping has historically been the only option … until now.

When the cost of installation is factored in to the overall cost of purchasing cover-up, the Greenjacket solution is very cost competitive.

Greenjacket Inc. has an online training program where customers opt to conduct their own installation or where their crews are assigned to conduct the installation under Greenjacket Inc.’s supervision.  Greenjacket Inc. recommends that where customers want to conduct their own cold installations that the first substation or powerline be installed with the support of the Greenjacket Inc. linemen.  Online training is followed by an online test to ensure that participants have carefully followed the training instructions.