Quanta Services

Quanta Services and Greenjacket Inc. have formed a strategic alliance to provide installation services for Greenjacket Inc.’s products in customer substations and on the power line. New options are available for applying cover-up while the system is energized – this option has not previously been available on a comprehensive basis. With Greenjacket Inc.’s industry leading design capabilities and tools, and Quanta’s Services expertise, customers can have a turn-key solution for applying cover-up and guards. Quanta and Greenjacket Inc. can improve reliability while delivering a safe energized or de-energized installation service.


About Quanta Services

Quanta Services (NYSE: PWR) is at the forefront of the energy industry, helping investor-owned utilities, independent power producers, rural electric associations, and federal, state and municipal agencies grow and remain competitive. With more than 18,000 employees throughout North America, Quanta has the ability to upgrade any electrical infrastructure need quickly, seamlessly and effectively. Quanta’s core competencies continue to drive industry-leading service.

“Greenjacket Inc.’s tools enable our trained lineman to safely install the product where cover-up applications are required but outages are not possible.”

– Randall Wisenbaker, executive vice president of Operations for Quanta Services.