Greenjacket precise fit cover-up delivers reductions in downtime and lost revenue

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Greenjacket® precise fit cover-up delivers reductions in downtime and lost revenue:
Large Independent Petroleum Refinery

Located in the Southeastern U.S., this 200 mbpd refinery operates 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. Daily, the refinery produces 3.5MM gal/day of gasoline, 2.2.MM gal/day of ULSD, and 1.1MM gal/day of jet fuel. 

Serving as the electrical backbone of the refinery is a main substation with redundant 161kV incoming lines from the local utility feeding a 6-breaker ring bus; and four 25MVA transformers feeding four 12.47kV secondary busses. 

Between 2011 and 2014, the refinery experienced several wildlife induced outages that resulted in significant lost opportunity costs to the refinery. Following a bus fault due to a raccoon getting across two phases in 2012, management began investigating animal control solutions available in the marketplace.

According to the General Manager, “The Greenjacket solution was discovered in mid-2013 after researching several different potential solutions. Greenjacket visited the refinery for an initial walk-thru and took pictures and measurements to develop a detailed material quote in late summer 2013. The first quote and presentation were provided to the refinery on 1/10/13. A complete presentation of each insulation piece proposed was shown to the leadership team in early 2014. The Greenjacket solution gained momentum after a Bus C bushing box failure in August 2014.”

Installation included 400 pieces of Greenjacket and 400 feet of strategically placed conductor cover during a planned shut- down. A unique coverage solution was developed and presented by Greenjacket for the T-OD Reactor that required added protection was also utilized.

The General Manager added, “After experiencing four, very costly outages in our main substation due to wildlife between 2011 and 2014, we had to implement a proven, cost-effective solution to this problem. Greenjacket was the solution. By installing the precise-fit engineered solutions in the switchyard, the refinery hopes to eliminate animal-related outages, reduce refinery downtime and lost revenue, and protect wildlife in the future.”

Darren Barnett

Darren Barnett

Senior Product Manager Wildlife Mitigation Business Unit
Darren holds a degree in Electrical Engineering Technology from Louisiana Tech University and has over 28 years of experience in the electric power distribution industry. Darren’s career started as a Design Engineer for a major transformer and components manufacturer. From there he advanced to positions of increasing responsibility, including Quality Assurance Manager, Engineering Manager and Vice President of Components Operations. Darren is an active member of IEEE and was on the committee that developed the 1656 -2010 testing guide for wildlife mitigation products.