A Green Approach to Wildlife Protection
– TDW – Aug 2019
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Alaska Electric Light & Power has been updating avian protection plans for more than 20 years and is continuing to make great strides. The employee counts 1, 2, 3…12 bald eagles on any given day. Unfortunately, every year, one eagle takes its last bite when it contacts energized electrical equipment….
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Utility Realizes Wildlife Outages can be Prevented
– Utility Products – March 2016
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Because of the costs, impact on reliability and the public relations nightmare, utilities have made every effort to address this problem with limited success. Using everything from generic, multi-fit and field modified covers to a wide array of fencing options, utilities have desperately been seeking an effective solution to mitigate animal-caused outages….
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Animal Mitigation For Electric Utilities Prevent Animal and Bird Caused Outage to Improve Reliability
-Electricity Today – September / October 2014
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Utilities in North America are under enormous pressure from regulators, customers, and investors to improve reliability performance. Many of the mergers and acquisitions of utilities around North America are being conditioned on how combining two or more companies would improve statistics…read more

Use of Custom-fitted Cover-ups to Reduce Power Outages and Mitigate Avian
– By: Nikki S. Heck, P Biol. and Todd Sutherland, P.Eng. Nov 2013
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Wildlife contacts and outages can have significant costs not only to electric utilities but also to the public, customers, and wildlife. A cost-effective solution for mitigating outages is often an easy sell… read more

Westar Energy installing customized covers at Manhattan substation to help prevent wildlife-related power outages.
-Weststar Energy News Release September, 2013
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Topeka, Kan., Sept. 23, 2013 — They come unannounced. Some may be looking for shelter; others are looking for a meal. They make their way through fences and mazes of equipment, unaware of the potential danger that exists within an electric substation… read more

Growing Application of Protective Devices Aims to Reduce Outages Triggered by Wildlife
-Utility Practice & Experience 2013
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Midway through a morning this past June, about 7200 customers in Rock Hill, South Carolina suddenly found themselves without power for at least 45 minutes and some much more. According to the municipal utility, a squirrel had managed to get inside a substation near the local school and short-circuited the system while jumping over live connections… read more

Animal Mitigation-– An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure
-Utility Products January 2012
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According to the statistic on studies from Electrical Power Research Institute (EPRI) and the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), animal-caused outages can be attributed to at least $18 billion in lost economy each year, and, considering…read more