You CAN prevent animal outages

Did you know that it is estimated that $18 Billion in lost economy in the US is attributable to animal and bird caused outages? These outages are preventable when you use Greenjacket best in class precise-fit engineered solution.

  • Precise-Fit animal protective covers for substations
  • Improve your power system reliability

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The Greenjacket product line has over 1000 covers and adding more weekly as our customer base expands and we add new underlying equipment types.

Greenjacket power system protection products are designed for quick and simple installation. The covers are easily removed for maintenance and are fully reusable. Greenjacket covers can be installed on energized equipment using conventional live-line methods that comply with all safety and industry standards.

Greenjacket covers are manufactured of a unique formulation of polyurethane using a patented manufacturing method.

Characteristics of Greenjacket covers:

  • Weather resistant
  • Highly UV resistant
  • Extremely durable
  • Flexible
  • Dielectric strength of 609 V/mil
  • Removable for maintenance and reusable

Greenjacket covers are NOT FOR HUMAN PROTECTION.

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