Assessing Your Risk  

Wildlife guards protect critical equipment and prevent animal and bird caused outages that occur due to contact with energized risk points.

Greenjacket for Substations

Reliaguard for Distribution

Outage Impacts





Approximately 20% of all power outages are caused by wildlife

Reliatanium and Greenjacket

When do we recommend Greenjacket?

When do we recommend Reliaguard?

How to measure RISK


These key questions will help us assess the customer risk tolerance and help us make the right solution and pricing recommendation

1. What is the history and risk of outages in the station?
2. What is the species causing the risk and what are the equipment clearances (wingspans or animal reach make a difference when evaluating equipment clearances)?
3. What is the customer tolerance of risk in that station – does it feed an airport, a manufacturing plant, a hospital, a nuclear station, a dense population area or another critical customer?
4. What is the customer’s cost consideration versus risk tolerance?