Hubbell Product Lines

Hubbell Product Lines - Reliaguard

Hubbell offers two product lines to address the prevalent issue of wildlife caused power outages: Greenjacket and Reliaguard.

Reliaguard is Hubbell’s answer to solve the issue of power outages and wildfire ignitions that are animal caused on the distribution powerline.  Reliaguard products are pre-made and shipped in volumes. Reliaguard products incorporate design features that provide a superior fit on common electrical equipment components such as bushings, arresters, switches, and pin insulators to name a few.  Reliaguard has over 100 products and kits available for customers. 

Reliaguard also manufactures GreyEEL conductor cover ranging in size from 1/2inch inside diameter to 2 inch inside diameter. Reliaguard conductor cover is recommended for use with most Reliaguard guards.  Reliaguard guards are made from a proprietary material known as Reliatanium.  Reliatanium meets the test criteria of the IEEE 1656 – 2010 Guide.

Examples of popular Reliaguard guards include:

Solid and Mesh Bushing Guards

Lightning Arresters Guards

Hot Stickable Switch Guards

Handwheel Guard

Pin Insulator Guards

GreyEEL Conductor Cover

Cable Suspension Clamp Guard

Cable Termination Guard

Solid Blade Disconnect

Pipe Bus Guard

Pole Wrap

Wildlife Hot Stick Disc

Hubbell Product Lines - Greenjacket

Greenjacket – It Fits

Greenjacket is a precise-fit turnkey solution that offers the best product for high risk substations where the substation is either a critical use station or has a history of persistent contacts regardless of attempts to use alternate wildlife guards and covers. A critical use station would be defined as a substation that feeds an airport, a manufacturing plant, a hospital, a nuclear station, a data center, a dense population area or another critical customer. A critical use substation can not tolerate the risk of a power outage and is best served to select the Greenjacket solution.

Greenjacket - a Turnkey Solution

Greenjacket is a precise-fit custom made-to-order product that has an exacting fit to within 1/8th of an inch accuracy to the underlying equipment.  The precise-fit is what differentiates Greenjacket and makes it the gold standard for wildlife mitigation. The exacting fit is achieved through a team of linemen who image customer substation equipment; designers who plot the equipment and design the cover; a patented made-to-order manufacturing process and shipping in a turnkey boxed solution complete with a Site Protection Plan for installation.  Only Greenjacket, because of it’s made to order process and manufacturing, can make virtually any type of cover.  Greenjacket has made over 1500 molds for unique covers that is has designed for customer installations.  The Greenjacket material is a fast set polymer that meets specific test criteria of the IEEE 1656-2010 Guide.

Examples of unique and common Greenjacket covers:

Sight Glass Covers

Bushing Covers, LAs

Cap Bank Covers


Gang Operated Switch

Complete Coverage Including Center Phase or All Phases

Fixed Bus

Expansion Joint